Rahimullah Samander

Stories by the Author

Indian Film Captures the Capital

A Bollywood film and the styles it has inspired are all the rage in a city where watching movies was once forbidden.

16 Nov 05

Tensions Mounting in Herat

Arrests and executions reported in western city following a clash between governor Ismail Khan and a local army commander.

16 Nov 05

Performers Face the Music

Hounded by the mujahedin and the Taleban, musicians are not finding it much easier today.

16 Nov 05

Kabulis Dress Up After a Fashion

Many young Afghans are turning to Bollywood movies for style tips – but only in the more cosmopolitan areas of the capital.

3 Mar 05

Students Protesters Demand Inquiry

Students are calling for an international inquiry into the violent suppression of their protests over conditions at Kabul University.

2 Mar 05
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